Why You Should Avoid Taco Bell Diet Scam?

Have you heard about the Taco Bell Diet yet? If not where have you been? This is the latest fad weight loss diet that has given someone celebrity status. Her name is Christine Dougherty and she supposedly lost 54 pounds in 2 years on the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet. That’s pretty quick weight loss if you ask me, but is the diet good for you?

Taco bell diet

Taco bell diet. Ketogenic food?

There are a long list of diets that are either endorsed by celebrities or have made a celebrity out of a customer. These celebrity diet plans become extremely popular simply because of the personality endorsing them. Unfortunately, the sad fact is, these weight loss programs are normally mediocre at best and in some cases detrimental to your health.

Number one reason why you should skip the Taco Bell diet

Taco Bell is fast food; commonly referred to as junk food and just like McDonalds. The company obviously wants to shift its public image away from “junk” and towards healthy. What better way to do this than find a happy customer who has lost a ton of weight whilst eating regularly at your restaurant? Dougherty’s claim of losing 54 pounds was obviously music to the Taco Bell chihuahua’s ears – but don’t forget to read the small print…

Dougherty’s success was achieved using the Taco Bell Alfresco menu and a diet limited to 1,250 calories a day.

Let’s make it quite clear. Anyone maintaining this level of calories for any length of time is going to lose weight. Remember, eat less calories than you use and weight loss is guaranteed. But, feasting on processed meat products every day does not make for a healthy body.

Here is the new advertisement video for Taco bell diet

Lets be quite clear on what your goals are.

  1. Do you want to lose weight to the detriment of your health
  2. or do you want more sustainable, safer weight loss?

I know which one I’d choose.

Calorie deficit diet always works

Limiting your daily calories on any diet, let alone the Taco Bell diet, will help you lose weight.  However, if you want to maximize that weight loss and ensure you remain energized and healthy you need to use a slimming solution that is sustainable and nutritious.

Eating at your favorite fast food restaurant each day for a month is bound to breed boredom and ill health – just watch Super-size Me! Even if you manage to avoid eating the 100 calorie Volcano Nachos and stick with the “healthy diet menu” at your local Taco Bell in a bid to stay healthy. You might be surprised to find that their Chicken Ranch Taco salad weighs in at 910 calories!

Have you heard about latest fad Red Smooties Diet?

I think I’ve said enough – you know how I feel. Most celebrity diet secrets are hocus-pocus and if you want to lose weight all fast food restaurants are a poor idea in anything but small doses. Instead of drastically cutting back calories, instead grab a plan that works with your body and enables you to maintain your figure whilst you lose the fat. Do this and you’ll never again fall for a another Taco Bell diet scam or the like.

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