Why You Should Avoid Taco Bell Diet Scam?

Have you heard about the Taco Bell Diet yet? If not where have you been? This is the latest fad weight loss diet that has given someone celebrity status. Her name is Christine Dougherty and she supposedly lost 54 pounds in 2 years on the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet. That’s pretty quick weight loss if you ask me, but […]

Why Eat Stop Eat Diet is the Ultimate Intermittent Fasting Guide?

The Eat Stop Eat Diet is one of the top selling weight loss programs introduced by fitness and nutrition expert Brad Pilion. This program is totally different from traditional diets, and actually allows you to fast for one day a week. By fasting for a 24 hour period, it speeds up your body’s metabolism and […]

Detoxification Diet- Detoxify your body, Lose weight And Feel Great In 7 days!

Many people are not convinced that a detox diet for a week can actually result in something spectacular.  The truth is it can, provided that it is done properly and with the right types of foods.  In fact, dieters may be surprised how detoxifying their body for 7 days can actually result in a weight […]