Intermittent Fasting – Beyond Hype There is a Hope!

Skipping Breakfast is Good!Intermittent fasting supports weight loss. That’s just the beginning, you probably don’t even know numerous other health benefits!

Intermittent fasting refers to going without food for a short duration. This also means skipping other calorie intake for few hours, typically 15 to 24 hours. Your body acquires energy from the stored fat in your body, so that your bodily functions are maintained. The stored energy is the carbohydrates in the form of fats, amino acids and glycogen.

Fasting such as intermittent fasting is important as it gives your body enough time to repair and focus on immunity. In this process it compels your body to use the available energy pathways.

Intermittent fasting includes alternate day fast. This means you eat for 24 hours and fast for next 24 hours. In this process you can eat up to 6pm and to fast up to 6 pm. In this way, you can eat daily and yet relax your body with the following fast that helps digestion.

Another way of intermittent fasting is to eat in a time gap of 4 to 6 hours and keep the day freed to get engaged into other activities. This gives you almost 14 to 16 hours gap from filling your stomach as a regular course. At the same time the energy stored in your body gets used up timely in an appropriate manner.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is helpful. Fasting does not mean just getting away with less food choices and keeping away from a normal diet. In fact, while fasting, concentrate on the food quality and make it easier. Eating sugary processed foods while fasting or having juices containing sugar is of no use. Concentrate on filling your place with greens, eat fresh fruits, avoid fried foods and drink plenty of water.

There are benefits on doing intermittent fasting such as you have an improved mental clarity, your workout performance is improved, body fat percentage is same as bodyweight and need not worry about fixing lunch while fasting. Initially, while fasting, you may feel hungry, but with a little practice, you will learn to eat when you are truly hungry.

Fasting does not mean you drain out your energy. In fact, you get energy from your body and so you do not experience fatigue without the intake of food. Another great benefit is that your food tastes better and this is because you have not eaten food for the entire day.

Generally, people fear fasting. Actually, you do not lose out anything, but the unwanted weight. Your body learns to tap the fat reserves and gives more energy.

Fasting is The Ideal Cure to Various Diseases

Intermittent Fasting WorksMany people think about fasting, but hesitate to start. The first point coming to mind is if it is a holiday fasting or some religious fasting. In fact, fasting is not new and it is in the practice since ancient times. This is seen as a cure, regardless of whether it is mental or physical.

Fasting is a natural cure and this is agreed as you must have noticed that even when you become slightly sick, you experience a decreased appetite.  This means your body is keeping you informed that a break is required for your stomach so that it works on fixing.

Forcing food regularly down your throat must be stopped. Food is an addictive substance. In fact, even if we are sick, yet are forced to eat by others. On the other hand, fasting is the cheapest, quickest, easiest and most effective ways of cleansing your body.

According to an article published on Washington Post, The practice of fasting helps curing many common diseases in humans and this includes cancer, influenza, urinary infections, arthritis, heart disease, obesity , Alzheimer’s, and the list goes on and on. Instead of depending on antibiotics, the right way of healing is to drink lots of warm water and stay fasting, you will recover fast.

Keep Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Hypertension in Control with Fasting

The creators of the fasting diet also insist on promoting exercising while fasting. It is advised to follow as a regular routine, though performing strenuous exercise may be difficult.  The fact stays that detox diets work and removes the ingested toxins effectively from your kidney and liver.

Fasting is the best therapy even for people suffering with diabetes. This is because during fasting food is taken at regular hours and it includes mostly organic food, fresh leafy vegetables and fresh fruits that support your body regardless of the ailments.

Fasting done for various reasons is recommended. It is not mandatory, but always having a reason helps fasting. It also gives spiritual enlightenment. Eating after dawn or before sunrise or not eating for the entire day, all these are fasting types performed as per rituals or convenience.

The only rule for fasting is to eat very light or to refrain from eating so that the energy stored is used at this time. So, performing fasting for a day or two a week will not harm your health. You can fast by drinking liquids keeping long intervals. This helps you shed weight and at the same time keeps your blood pressure, hypertension and cholesterol in control.

Food-Fast Conveniently Reduces Your Tension and Blood Pressure

lemonadePrecisely, fasting works for most diseases. It is a miracle cure and is successful in curing even mental illnesses. Spiritual fasting is found and followed in almost every religion and is regarded to be one of the effective ways of connecting yourself with God.

According to PubMed.Gov, medically supervised water-only fasting is a treatment for hypertension. Fasting for a day or two in a week is sure to help you cure diseases.  It relieves your body from the regular stress and thus helps in reducing your tension and blood pressure.

Fasting is great and doing it once a week helps flushing out my system. It offers improved mental clarity. Moreover, it supports weight loss to curing cancer. There are hundreds of books on fasting and more on the internet offering the details of fasting that is really appealing.

Eating fruits and foods in a lighter form is recommended. Avoid drinking frequent coffee or tea; instead take fresh lemon or orange juice. During seasons, eat watermelon or drink the juice, it is delicious and stomach filling.

Fasting Delays Ageing and Prevents Cancer

essClinical research carried out by scientists from the California University has shown that relentless fasting stops the division associated with cancerous cells. This proves that fasting is certainly efficient than following a regulated diet. This was reported in the ‘Psychology and Endocrine Glands Magazine’.  Stopping a potentially fatal disease even before it reaches a life threatening stage is no easy feat and is hence, being vehemently propagated by doctors and nutritionists from all over the world.

Research shows that elderly phases are attached to certain cells in the brain. These phases can be delayed by means of discontinuous fasting. Apart from this, the development of Alzheimer’s disease is also found to be reduced. This research shows the effects of discontinuous fasting as it reduces the amount of consumed calories to almost half of its daily quantity. Discontinuous fasting is flexible and easier than other forms of diet control and fasting.

Final Word & Conclusion

Many benefits of fasting are being reported from an increase in immunity to curing serious health problems such as diabetes. These claims are supported by scientific research and hence, are true. Another proven claim is that fasting slows ageing. Fasting is one of the simplest methods of healing, regardless of whether you have cancer or you are taking high blood pressure medication.



  1. I really agree with the concept of intermittent fasting because I think it is safer than regular fasting. In fact regular fasting can be dangerous for your health. I’ve also written an article on intermittent fasting and I’m really excited to see another excellent article related to weight loose. I’ve also loose weight like this trust me this is easy. You need to give rest to your digestive system and there is no better way but fasting. Thanks for sharing the article.

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