Who is Rhino


I’m Rhino Fast, well, that’s my pseudo name!

Here is the picture of Rhinoceros, the cute (?) animal who inspires me a lot! Rhino is fat, strong & sturdy, but loves eating all the day!

Rhinoceros is a fat, strong & sturdy animal loves to eat just like me!

Rhinoceros is a fat, strong & sturdy animal loves to eat just like me!


That’s me 5 years ago when BMI calculator said I’m obese!

I created this blog to reveal some extremely sensitive and personal information. Therefore I don’t want my friends & even family members to identify me (including my wife- haha!) Especially my wife would feel really offended with the content I’m going to reveal. I’ll post my pic as and when necessary, but I’ll blur or hide my face… sorry for that.

Dual Role – Husband & Father…

I’m a husband & father of 2 kids, and that gives me a great excuse to not to be fit! (isn’t it?) I have been losing & gaining weight for almost 1 & half decade. I guess that’s the case of most of my readers & visitors.

I’m an internet junky. To be honest that’s my full time job. Helping small & medium scale entrepreneurs to come online & do business in virtual world is my profession. I spend lots of time in front of computer & work late night (which my wife hates obviously!)

Being a mid 30’s dude I don’t have any serious health problem except being overweight. I have reduced my body cholesterol from dangerous 250 points to below 200 pints (198 to be precise) My blood sugar level is just about okay. I’ll surely improve my sugar level before getting Type 1 diabetes!

Should you listen to an overweight guy?

Looks like sexy couple, probably bad in bed!

Looks like sexy couple, probably bad in bed!

Yes, why not! After all, the internet is filled with ripped body models giving 1008 advises. It makes lots of sense to listen to an ordinary man than a model.

According to my wife “it is okay to be slightly overweight for a man with family. What is important is being healthy & sturdy”

This blog is not meant for people who wants that sexy ripped body, 6 pack abs or hourglass figure (if you are female) This is for busy people who gets little time for physical activities (or who don’t want to exercise!)

My weight loss journey…

Ever since I started fighting with obesity, I tried dozens of things. I went to gym, drank Herbalife shake, did 5:2 fast, intermittent fasting, HITT (high intensity interval training), sexercise (with the help of my lovely wife!), fasting with appetite suppressant, applying fat burning oils & potions, detoxification and many other ancient tricks from other part of the world which I can’t recall now. Almost all of them have worked to some extent and gave me the result. I got bored with each methods and gave-up!

That’s the problem… I’m not consistent & persistence type guy.ย  When I’m in great research mood that’s the only thing I do for weeks & months; I spend months to setup & improve my savings & investment portfolio; I take long vacations & gain weight; come back & try to lose weight… you see, this is my routine for almost a decade. However, in the last 5 years I was successful in being just overweight & not obese!

That makes me a worthy person to listen for fitness advice for most of my fans!

Why Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is something I’m doing for quite long time. It is great way to reduce weight after long vacation or just a day after binge eating or party feast! I’m a foodie & love eating. Although I’m not living for eating, “ability to eat whatever I love” is the greatest motivation for living! Sex isn’t enjoyable every night or every time, but food is! hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, this blog is mostly about fasting for fitness, although occasionally I may share something else.ย  And finally, If you are not ready to fast now watch the video below for a feast & sign-off!

Have a great day & thanks for reading about me ๐Ÿ™‚

Last word…

I would love to know more about my readers… feel free to post comments